To demonstrate the magic of the web on both PC and Mobile, we created "World Wide Maze." By using WebSocket, WebGL, and the Chrome Tab Sync function, we created a game where you can turn any website into a 3D maze and play using your smartphone.

Simply connect Chrome on your PC and mobile with Tab Sync, and search for any site you want to play. Once the site is transformed into a stage, control the ball by tilting your smartphone and head to the goal. Points will be given based on the time and number of items you picked up along the way, which you can share and compete scores with your friends.

As a result, World Wide Maze became huge buzz in global press and social media and drove Chrome usage on both PC and mobile, allowing millions of people to experience the web in a whole new way.

  • Play it using your smartphone.

  • Make the ball roll and jump to reach the goal.

  • Share the points and compete with your friends.