Yahoo!’s mission is to expand the possibilities of the Internet. So we challenged to invent the branded attraction by connecting it with the Internet.
We invented the Trend Coaster, an innovative attraction and the world’s first virtual rollercoaster driven by social media. Trend Coaster got very popular and the waiting time in a queue was up to 2 hours. The power of internet has evolved the way of enjoying attractions.

1 search the trend

The trend of a certain word turns into a wave form graph.

2 generate the coaster

Trend data of a searched word instantly becomes a 3D virtual roller-coaster!

3 ride the trend

Let’s enjoy the trend ride.


The Trend Coaster was installed in amusement arcades and events across the country and people also experienced the courses gathered from the web.


"From info-graphics to info-experiences"
We transformed the means of utilizing data from info-graphics, which are enjoyed visually, to info-experiences, which are enjoyed as personal experiences. And since we used neither single-source data nor statistical data, but instead both diverse social data and dynamic data, to create customized experiences for each person, we were able to invoke very powerful impressions among the target.

"Created a buzz"
The campaign generated about four million dollars in exposure, and awareness of Yahoo!’s data innovation spread through the industry.

ride experience 37,971
publicity $4,000,000