Why do people select Prius?

“Prius is the car that is introducing the concept of “FUTURE” with a hybrid technology leading the world, and also it started from the “IMAGINATION” for the “FUTURE” of people, society and the earth, and then it will continue evolution.”

This is the answer to above question.
In addition, brand power should be more grown up through straightly and directly telling people its fact as real experience.

On the other side, how will this future-minded positive message be accepted under the severe situation where people have each problem after Great East Japan Earthquake?


People have imagination power for thinking unseen hopeful future.

So we think the process of recognizing this simple fact can spread the truth that Prius will support their hopeful future by campaign of making one big picture from its participants.

Therefore, we took an action of “Drawing your future” across Japan.
Through this campaign, total 20,880 drawings gathered. (as at 14th March, 2012)

We made TVCF using those drawings from this campaign.
At the same time, other people can try this campaign by drawing and experiencing their future itself.


We made “Future Tweet” that can make a time line going to the future.
First it can keep his/her tweet for himself/herself in one year as a time capsule, and then moving on with selecting virtual replies or tweet from your followers.
Thinking its time line as one road, we expressed the action of “Thinking Future” by driving a Prius in the beautiful scenery which can be felt like in the drawings.
Moreover, dramatic effects, such as making changes in the world, on the turning points on the road were added into “Thinking Future” in order to express the spreading the future of great variety.


As the result of the attitude change research via this campaign,
17.8% increasing of empathy of brand mission among web contactor.
Also 15.0% increasing of buying motive among them.

Totally this campaign got an empathy on brand mission and also contributed the increase of buying motive.

In one year, many user tweets saved in the time capsule will open and be tweeted, and then they will develop more “Thinking Future”.