Age-related hearing loss visualized

Hearing Problem is Not Visible

About half of the people over 65 develop some hearing loss because some consonants
become inaudible biologically. But hearing difficulty is very personal, subjective, and invisible.
Therefore, people are not interested in this important issue.


The font combines two sounds frequently misheard.
It can be read in two ways, and educates people about what it is like to hear when they get old.

Typography Meets Technology of Hearing Aids

Based on scientific researches and knowledge Panasonic Hearing Instruments has,
we created a language analysis AI. This AI analyzed a Japanese dictionary and
found 428 pairs of sounds often misheard out of over 31 billion of combinations.
For each of the sounds, we designed MISHEARD FONT to spell misheard words.

Contextual Ads for Education

We launched the campaign on International Ear Care Day with contextual creatives.
e.g. Frequently misheard station names in subway stations

Visible Change

Airline companies, tourist spots, radio stations, and nursing homes started
a training to avoid mishearing.