This is an interactive music video game for the song "Bell" by the Japanese band "androp". “Bell” sings about expressing emotions and difficulty in communications. As we listened to this upbeat track, some keywords such as ‘words’ ‘future’ ‘run’ stood out from the lyrics. These words led us to think of a visual experience around the theme of ‘delivering a message’.

These days, communications are established so easily using technologies such as mobile phone, email, Twitter, etc. But is there something that’s getting lost in this rapid & speedy communication? That’s why we thought it would be interesting, if we can instead extend that moment of communication, and create an entertainment about the journey of delivering a message. This thought developed into the idea of the “Bell” music video game. Your message will transform into an animal, which you can control and travel through the landscape which is synchronized to the music. Please play the game yourself, and enjoy this new music video game experience.



First you enter the addressee & message on the site. (You can choose to use Twitter or not.)
When you press PLAY, the message will transform into different animals based on its length.
Control your animal and guide it safely to the goal. The landscape and the enemies are all synced up to the music.
Whenever you hit an enemy, a letter from your message will be swapped out. The more you hit them, the more your message will be corrupted.
Overcome the different obstacles and head towards the goal.
The size and shape of the goal will change depending on the number of Twitter followers of the addressee.
When you reach the goal, the animal transforms back into a message. You can Tweet this corrupted message.
A strange Tweet will appear on both you and the addressee's Twitter timeline. When the person clicks on the link, they can see the replay of the game.
By watching the replay, they can find out what message you actually wanted to send to them.


Whenever you hit an enemy, the letters will be swapped out one by one. Try to reach the goal without hitting the enemy, to send a correct message.

Mouse: 1〜4 letters
Rabbit: 5〜17 letters
Dog: 18〜30 letters
Horse: 31〜45 letters
Rhino: 46〜55 letters
Giraffe: 56〜68 letters
Elephant: 69〜80 letters


The shape of the house at the end changes depending on the number of followers the addressee has. This lets people want to send messages to different people.

0~49 followers
50~299 followers
300~2999 followers
3000~9999 followers
10000~ followers


50 days after the site has launched, we have gained total of 150,532 game play. Maximum access for one day was 12,315, and the average time spent was more than 3 minutes, which is an amazing length for a micro-site.Although androp is a Japanese band who only sings in Japanese, this music video game has gained them international recognition by having it featured in many foreign media such as Creativity, Canal+, etc. The site has helped them expand their fan base, and has shown the world a new way to interact with music.